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Serve Each Other

Deacons are elected by the congregation and ordained to lead the church in congregational and community care. Everyone who is part of the WPC family has a deacon, whose charge is to nurture your spiritual life! In addition to regular nurture of people, deacons provide care to those who are sick, at home, grieving, or celebrating. 

This is what deacons do, and by “being there” for others, in their times of struggle and celebration, deacons help communicate the life and love of God in every place. This is not work to be outsourced to deacons, though: it takes a congregation to care for itself and the community!
You can help. You can visit a person who is sick or lonely, you can cook meals, you can deliver flowers, give a ride, and send cards of caring to others in the WPC family. We encourage you to get involved in the active and present care for people, just like Christ himself did with his life! Deacons also lead several ministries of care for the church, including:


Deacons produce certain receptions of celebration or support for the congregation. Contact Virginia Trux to help serve others using your culinary or decorative gifts!

Angel Chefs

WPC prepares and delivers meals for those who could use a little help, whether they are sick, recovering, grieving, or adjusting to a newborn at home. 

Flower Deliveries to the Homebound

Each week, church worship flowers are typically separated into smaller arrangements and delivered to the sick and homebound in our congregation. 


Help take our less mobile members to doctors appointments, or bring them to worship on Sunday.

Care Cards

To give folks fresh reminders they are loved by our whole congregation.

Coffee Hour Refreshments

Deacons organize and recruit volunteers to bring treats to share with the congregation after worship.
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