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Broadly speaking, spirituality refers to the “pursuit of the sacred,” meaning the aspects of life that are beyond what is ordinary. Religions offer narrative and ritual frameworks through which to pursue the sacred, predicated on the belief that important truth lies beyond what we expect to see. Christianity is a religious tradition that follows Jesus Christ in its pursuit of the sacred truth and life. We all have an innate sense of spirituality, but the Christian’s journey reveals, shapes, and articulates the deep truths that exist beyond the scope of our sight and the capacity of our minds.  We do this by hearing the echoes of ancient truth and wisdom in our scriptures, reflecting on their relevance in contexts today, and experiencing the power unleashed in our lives when we live faithfully, generously, and selflessly.


Spiritual growth can take different forms for different people, but common themes of a growing spiritual life include deepening qualities like trust, humility, kindness, courage, and service. A life in faith community seeks to counter the qualities the world so often instills in us – fear, independence, and selfishness. Exercising our spirituality can help us develop and strengthen the muscles of our better qualities and become the whole person we are supposed to be. Christian spiritual growth is a process of being inspired and formed by Jesus Christ for the sake of others and a better world. 

We have a holistic approach to our spiritual journeys. There are many ways in which we grow, and many points of access for living in the way of Christ. Some of the most important, in the experience of this church’s journey of faith, are:


1.      Worship

2.      Prayer

3.      Bible Study

4.      Retreats

5.      Small Group Discussion

6.      Service to Others

7.      Spiritual Direction

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