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1375760_596901390348960_1375762540_nWhy church?

Coming to church is a bold step for anyone to make. There are many demands on our time each week, and we each try to make the most of the time we have. Church offers, more than any other choice we have to make, an opportunity to live a different and better life. Here at WPC, we say, “welcome to something more,” because there is something more to be gained by being here, something far more than a quiet morning at home, or Sunday brunch, or other commitments have to offer.

The benefits of church living are many, and can vary from person to person. Church is something more than just something to make us feel good. It is an opportunity to renew higher virtues in ourselves, like humility, openness, trust, commitment, and service to others. Church is something more than a gathering of social people. It is about relating to people in a better way, and exploring a deeper sense of connection than our work and school and social worlds typically allow. Church is something more than charity. It is an opportunity to discover, again and again, that the generous and selfless life that Jesus showed actually blesses the giver as much as anyone we ever help.

Church slowly frees us from the confines of so many forces at work upon us: the helplessness of grief and suffering, the pressures of work, the dysfunctions of family and neighborhood, the stresses of school and achievement. It does so by reminding each of us, every week, who and whose we are. We are loved and claimed by God, every one of us, and called to bring generous love and compassion into the world.

A number of images can help describe the something more that church is:  a warming fire, a well of water, a shelter in a storm. These benefits can be yours, too. It all starts by doing what Jesus did, showing up. We hope you will consider adding the blessings of church community to your life, and giving the gift of church to your family.

Why Winnetka Presbyterian Church?

WPC is a special community that excels at welcoming, connecting, growing, and serving.  

We resist dogma and doctrine, and embrace openness, humility, and trust. We study the Bible and what it means to be faithful in the world, and we engage spiritual living with intellectual and emotional engagement.  

We take the gospel truth, and the loving and giving life to which it calls us all, seriously. We believe that the truth of the “Christian life” is revealed in living it. The more we love and serve, the more we know this is the way God wants us to be.

Many people who do not feel comfortable at other churches seem to find a comfortable and nurturing home here. We are proud of this, and strive for this. There is so much misunderstanding about Jesus Christ, Christians, and the gospel out there, but we seek to be a place where the truth is preached and practiced.

We help build bridges between the power and privilege of the North Shore and the powerful faith and giftedness of communities who are struggling or marginalized. The blessings of North Shore life should never be taken for granted, or go to our heads, and we should always stay grounded in a life of humility, service, and sharing.

Click here for more information about “What Kind of Church is WPC?”

Okay, okay, how do I come to WPC?

As you are. Start by coming to worship and have a cup of coffee with us. Our service starts at 9:45am.  

Click here for more information about “What to Expect on Sunday.”

We are located at 1255 Willow Road, Winnetka, IL (the corner of Willow and Hibbard). Click here for directions.

Parking is simple, here are some basic instructions.


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