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Other Life Rituals

Christians believe that the entire journey of life, from our birth to our grave, is a sacred experience. At each moment along the way we celebrate the presence and grace of God with prayer and ritual. Presbyterians recognize two of these rituals – Baptism and Communion – as “sacraments” because they find their roots in the Gospel accounts of Jesus. But we also celebrate God’s grace at other moments in our lives through the anointing of the sick, confirmation, joining a local congregation, weddings, and funerals.


Baptism is an once-in-a-lifetime moment, but the significance of our baptism continues to unfold throughout our entire lives. Confirmation is a ritual moment in which individuals (usually teenagers) re-commit to live the promises made at their baptisms and enter into a covenant relationship with the local congregation. 

Church Membership

Membership in a church, at its essence, is defined by the promises exchanged between a new member and the congregation, in which they promise to walk through a life of faith in Christ together.  We promise to support, nurture, and encourage each other in our pursuit of the sacred through all that life brings.  Over time, church membership makes more sense, as it gets lived out in the ways we grow, pick each other up, and encourage each other through trials and transitions.

A Presbyterian congregation welcomes all persons who trust in God's grace in Jesus Christ and desire to become part of the community and ministry of the church.  Being a member of a church is a joy and a privilege, as well as a commitment to participate in Christ's mission in our community and world.  As we like to say additionally at WPC, church membership is a step along a life's journey of faith, and becomes an explicit expression of our connectedness and supportiveness, as we seek to follow God.


Through the ministry of anointing, we acknowledge the constant healing presence of God, even the midst of our pain, suffering, and illness. The Ministry of Anointing is offered on the first Sunday of every month. If you wish to be anointed and prayed for at another time, please contact Rev. Paul Gilmore


We would love for you to celebrate your wedding day with us at Winnetka Presbyterian Church!  Our church lends itself well to wedding ceremonies and receptions, and we invite you to consider this special place as a venue for your special day. If you have questions about what it would look like to have your wedding ceremoy and/or reception at WPC,  please contact the church office.


The central doctrine of our Christian faith is the resurrection. By professing our hope in the resurrection of the dead, we affirm “with believers in every time and place…that nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Brief Statement of Faith). Funerals and memorial services give the Christian community the opportunity to gather together and give witness to this joyful hope as we console the bereaved, give thanks to God for the life of the deceased, and commend them to the mercy of our loving God. If you are planning a funeral, or need to learn more about doing so,  please contact the church office.


Members (and former members) of WPC and their immediate families may choose the Columbarium at WPC as their final resting place. For information about this sacred space and resting place, and the accompanying policies, please contact the church office.


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